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16.5’ Big Air trampolines

Get the Largest Round Trampoline on the Market in Red Deer

The 16.5’ Big Air from Trampoline World is one of the largest round trampoline models on the market. You can now safely jump higher with longer airtime as the 16.5’ Big Air comes with more springs and a larger frame to amplify your rebounding force. The 16.5’ Big Air also comes with extra coverage from a wider jumping surface so your safety won’t be compromised.

16 ½’ XL Big Air

At over 16.3’ feet in diameter, Super Fun’s Big Air model is the largest and one of the safest round trampolines on the market. With more jumping surface, more springs, and a larger frame, rebounding force is multiplied for higher jumps and longer air time while safety is enhanced by the extra coverage under you while you jump. Super Fun provides a 6-year warranty on this trampoline.

  • The XL Big Air trampoline has a round heavy-duty 12 gauge galvanized steel frame that will never bend, break, or rust and a structural capacity of 1500 lbs – we guarantee it with a lifetime warranty!
  • The frame is constructed with a total of 8 pieces which increases the strength and ease of assembly.
  • 124 rustproof galvanized steel springs – more than any round trampoline on the market.
  • The springs are longer than other brands and the tapered design resists stretching – 6-year warranty.
  • The jumping mat is tested up to 440 pounds.
  • The XL Big Air trampoline frame sits 37 inches above the ground to make it difficult for little ones to get on without adult supervision, and give bigger jumpers more clearance. 
  • There is 160 square feet of mat surface, making it 43% larger than our 14’ trampoline and almost double a 12’ – it’s the largest round mat on the market!
  • The heavy-duty jumping mat made from anti-slip Permatron® non-calendared polypropylene in a criss-cross weave – the highest quality trampoline fabric available.
  • The mat construction and its attachment to the springs is the highest quality on the market – 6-year warranty. 
  • Extra-large foam padding 17” wide and 1 ¼” thick completely covers springs and frame.
  • Heavy-duty mesh on the underside vents the pads and prevents them from becoming waterlogged.
  • Easy to assemble with instructions included plus live telephone support.
  • The safety pads constructed of 20oz Green PVDF vinyl for superior UV protection, which affords a longer lifespan and easy cleaning – 6-year warranty.

16.5’ Big Air Costs and Accessories


MSRP: $3195.00 CAD
Our Price: $2895.00 CAD

  • Add a Safety Net (Round): $675.00
  • Add a Ladder: $149.00
  • Add a BounceBoard®: $179.00

Trampoline World is a family-owned and -operated business with more than 30 years’ of experience. Contact us today to see why Canadians have been choosing us as their preferred retailer. We can ship anywhere in Canada and have a retail location in Red Deer.

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