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14’ XT trampoline


Enjoy Exercising in Red Deer with a Mid-sized Rectangle Trampoline

For easy placement and less wasted yard space, a rectangle trampoline is the way to go! The Extreme 12' x 15' Max Air from Trampoline World provides more bounce than a typical round trampoline. As part of our Extreme Series, the 12' x 15' Max Air is a great alternative to exercising, while still receiving the same benefits of a calorie burning, muscle building workout.

12' x 15' Max Air Specs

Frame – 34.5” high 12 gauge galvanized steel
Springs – 136 heavy duty 9” tapered bungee-like springs made from galvanized steel
Mat – solid 22 ounce UV protected jumping mat with heat sealed joints and reinforced #5 brass grommets

Safety pads – special extra-large pad with 1.5” thick and 14.5” wide foam padding, covered with 16 ounce UV protected vinyl and sealed to be waterproof

12' x 15' Max Air Costs and Accessories

(MSRP: $4195.00 CAD

Our Price: $3795.00 CAD)


  • Add a Ladder $109.00
  • Add a Bounce Board $ 169.00
  • Add a Safety Board $650.00

For more than 30 years, Trampoline World has been an authorized dealer of Super-Fun Trampoline products – one of the leading trampoline manufacturers in North America. Although we operate out of Red Deer, we’re happy to ship anywhere in Canada. Call us today!

Our new Extreme Series 12' x 15' Max Air rectangle trampoline provides a supreme calorie-burning, muscle-building fun and the best part is, it is fun! 

Super Fun provides a 6-year warranty on this trampoline.


  • The Extreme Series 12' x 15' Max Air has a 12x15 foot heavy-duty 09 gauge galvanized steel frame that will never bend, break, or rust and a structural capacity of 1500 lbs – we guarantee it with a lifetime warranty!
  • The frame is constructed with a total of 12 pieces which increases the strength and ease of assembly.
  • 136 rustproof galvanized steel springs.
  • The springs are 9 inches – longer than other brands and the tapered design resists stretching – 6-year warranty.
  • The jumping mat is tested up to 440 pounds.
  • The frame sits 36 inches above the ground to make it difficult for little ones to get on without supervision, and give bigger jumpers more clearance. 
  • There is 116 square feet of jumping space.
  • The mat construction and its attachment to the springs is the highest quality on the market – 6-year warranty. 
  • Extra-large foam padding 17” wide and 1 ¼” thick completely covers springs and frame – the pad is also warranted for 6 years.
  • The heavy-duty mesh on the underside vents the pads and prevents them from becoming waterlogged.
  • Pads are constructed from two layers of foam – a soft open cell layer to soften any impact and a stiffer closed cell layer to allow jumpers to walk across the pads without sinking.
  • Easy to assemble with instructions included plus live telephone support.
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